About Us

Grimsby’s gourmet sandwich shop since 2013

All too often, the “fast food” we’re presented with is so focused on fast, they forget about it being food, sacrificing flavour and quality. It was time to correct that.  Welcome to Bench Kitchen – Grimsby’s gourmet sandwich shop.   We have been producing some of the most unique and delicious sandwiches, salads, soups since 2013.  A staple of the Niagara region lunch scene, our popularity is largely due to the fact our sandwiches are served on freshly baked sourdough bread and filled with chef created delicious ingredients.

Rather than using prepackaged sauces and dressings we build all of our menu items from scratch.  Each item that goes into delicious offerings are lovingly made in-house.   Our chefs craft truly unique sandwiches using many modern techniques such as sous-vide cooking and compression infusion along with traditional practices such as dry curing and cold smoking.  Only Canadian meat and poultry are used.  Fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers and we cook as seasonal as possible. The sandwich menu has something for everyone and our daily feature sandwiches show off our creative side. 

We do more than just sandwiches! We offer in-house made salads, soups, pastries and drinks as well.  The menu also considers dietary restrictions with many vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available.

At Bench Kitchen we also offer convenient and delicious prepared meals that are easy to reheat.  Try our in-house made Coconut Curried Chickpea with Potato and Spinach, Broccoli Mac and Cheese, Roasted Chicken Ratatouille and more!

Drop by and taste the difference yourself.